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2013 South Carolina No-Cut Coach Starfish Award Nominee

September 18, 2013 01:30 PM
Columbia, S.C. – The South Carolina nominee for the 2013 Southern No-Cut Starfish Award is Coach David Riedmayer of Beaufort High School, who was chosen for his excellence in coaching and his No-Cut philosophy. 

Coach Riedmayer and other No-Cut Coach Starfish Award nominees have impacted the lives of many students positively, making tennis a rewarding sport for all. By utilizing the philosophy of No-Cut, more students are able to get out and play tennis on their high-school team.

Reaching over 400 athletes in his eight years as a coach, Riedmayer has embedded the importance of mental toughness in his players. "Tennis provides me the opportunity to teach participants to problem-solve during a match and it relates to other life opportunities," he said. Riedmayer also credits "huge community support" for the success of his teams, pulling in volunteers to assist with large group practices and local businesses for fundraising support. 

As the South Carolina nominee, Riedmayer has received a case of Penn Championship tennis balls for his team. He will also be eligible for the Southern and National awards along with other coaches from each state.  The winning coach will be awarded registration, travel, and lodging to the UTSA Community Development Workshop to receive the award.

Coaches who participate in the No-Cut program take all students who try out for their high school team regardless of their skill level. No-Cut Coaches serve as positive role models, and they make a difference by spending the extra time and effort to ensure that thousands of young players experience the fun of representing their high school tennis teams.