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South Carolina places top five at 2017 Southern Senior Cup


South Carolina finished top five in all categories at the 2017 Southern Senior Cup on June 1-4 in Huntsville, Alabama; the tennis tournament featured the nine Southern Section states competing against each other in five age divisions, 35, 45, 55, 65 and 75.

South Carolina placed fourth overall and finished third in most individual points won. The women’s teams earned second place for their overall score. The men’s team finished fourth place for theirs.

The Women's 55s team, the Women’s 65s team and the Men’s 75s team each won their division championship.

The format for each round was two singles and one doubles, except for the Women’s 75s age group, which only played one doubles.

More than 300 players attended the event, 37 of whom were from South Carolina. Among the players were former collegiate All-Americans, NCAA champions and professional players.


2017 Final Results 

Mildred Southern Cup (awarded to overall winner)

·         Winner: Georgia (66 points)

·         2nd Place: North Carolina (62 points)

·         3rd Place: Tennessee (59 points)

·         4th Place: South Carolina (55 points)

·         5th Place: Alabama (30 points)

Gil Stacy Memorial Cup (most individual points won)

·         Winner: Tie -- Georgia and North Carolina (57 points each)

·         3rd Place: South Carolina (51 points)

·         4th Place: Alabama (47 points)

·         5th Place: Tennessee (46 points)

Women’s Overall Scoring Title 

·         Winner: North Carolina (42 points)

·         2nd Place: South Carolina (36 points)

·         3rd Place: Tennessee (34 points)

·         4th Place: Georgia (22 points)

·         5th Place: Alabama (12 points)

Men’s Overall Scoring Title 

·         Winner: Georgia (44 points)

·         2nd Place: Tennessee (25 points)

·         3rd Place: North Carolina (20 points)

·         4th Place: South Carolina (19 points)

·         5th Place: Alabama (18 points)

Age Group Results

·         Women's 35 Championship: TN def. NC, 2-1.

·         Women's 45 Championship: NC def. AR, 2-1.

·         Women's 55 Championship: SC def. TN, 2-1.

·         Women's 65 Championship: SC def. NC, 3-0.

·         Women's 75 Championship: NC def. AL, 2-0.

·         Men's 35 Championship: GA def. TN, 2-1.

·         Men's 45 Championship: AR def. TN, 3-0.

·         Men's 55 Championship: MS def. GA, 2-1.

·         Men's 65 Championship: GA def. NC, 3-0.

·         Men's 75 Championship: SC def. GA, 2-1.




Women's captain Cindy Babb stands with teammates Brenda Carter and Susie Peiffer. The Women's 65 team beat North Carolina 3-0 in the championship.



Diane Barker stands with teammates Sally Smith and Cindy Babb. The Women’s 55s team defeated Tennessee in the championship, 2-1.



Ron Charron stands with men’s captain Tom Foster. The Men's 75s defeated Georgia, 2-1, in the championship.