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A New Look at What a Team Means

Jackie Reynecke, local league coordinator in Hilton Head Island, brings something a little different to her teams. Everyone that joins a team of Reynecke’s knows that it is going to be a fun and relaxed team. Her particular team that is in the 18 & Over League State Championships is a perfect example of a classic Reynecke team.

The team started playing with combo doubles. They had such a great time that they all wanted to do it again in the spring. There was however, an initial problem for this team to stay together. With age restructuring some of the main players of the group did not fit into the 40 & Over league. The team decided that they weren’t going to split up and started an 18 & Over team to keep them all together. The team did have some gaps, so what they couldn’t fill with their "regulars," they opened to others looking for a team.

Everyone on Hilton Head Island knows that Reynecke teams are about fun, equal play and putting their non-tennis lives first. This approach seems to fit all of their lifestyles and schedules better. It also takes away unnecessary pressure that is sometimes put on players and teams.

"We weren’t looking for just wins--we were looking for a concept that fit our lives," said Reynecke. 

Therefore as one might guess from their story, this team was very surprised to win their division.

"We’ve been laughing that a team can really laugh/eat/drink their way to a championship," said Reynecke.

 The team got lucky that some really nice players were looking to join a team a little different. As for their Aiken trip, all ten players are staying in a house together for the weekend. Not only is Reynecke making this trip to Aiken with her team but she was also the head coordinator of the 40 & Over State Championship in Hilton Head Island just this last weekend. 

The team did face its challenges, as most teams do, but veteran players stepped in and were happy to help. All of the under 40 players played singles. Luckily, a couple of the 40 & over players played doubles and singles and helped out in that area for the team. Some of the 40 girls also had a collective group of double experience and was a huge help to the team.  

Next year Reynecke is ready to do it all again if that is what her team wants; putting love for your team over making it to the next level. It is important to her to love who you are with and to enjoy the game of tennis.

"Fun, laughs, good times, camaraderie and friendship goes across all age groups 18 to 75+; we’ll play in whatever age group keeps us together," said Reynecke.