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Junior Tournament Rule Changes

 There will be a few changes in the Junior Competition realm for 2012 as determined by the USTA SC Junior Competition Committee.
  • The Green (75%) low compression ball will be used for the 12 & Under age divisions for Rising Stars (SC L5) tournaments.
  • Rationale: With the 10’s Rising Stars players aging up from the 60’ court & orange balls, the change to a regulation court & ball can be too big of a jump for our Novice players.  The Green ball has less bounce and is 25% slower, but will allow players to experience success in the transition
  • The percentage of doubles points to be incorporated with the Singles points will increase from 15% to 25%
  • The change will be retroactive to 2011 tournaments and the new points totals will be reflected in the 2012 Standings
  • Rationale: Will encourage more doubles play locally and statewide.  Also puts SC in line with the ITF point structure of awarding 25% of total doubles points earned.
2012 USTA Southern Level 3 Tournament Format Change
Beginning January 1, 2012, all USTA Southern Level 3 tournaments will adhere to a set and consistent format. Taking cost and school day factors into account, the Southern Junior Competition Committee has determined that the Level 3 tournaments will follow new guidelines which can be read by clicking here.  
If you have any questions about these rule changes please contact Jessica Amick at
You can view all junior tournament regulations by clicking here.