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Letter From USTA SC President Paul Pittman

 Dear South Carolina Tennis Players,
USTA members from around the state have seen information and heard conversations about the planned USTA League restructuring scheduled to roll out in 2013. Since this restructuring impacts league programs run by USTA National, Southern and South Carolina, information is being released on each of these individually, and not all at the same time. As a result, there has been some confusion and even misinformation regarding how restructuring will affect you as a player and the teams you play on.
To ensure that our USTA members and USTA League participants have accurate and up to date information on restructuring, we are posting a new section on the website. "USTA League Restructuring in South Carolina" will provide you with everything you need to know on how restructuring will affect you and your teams. From the basic information, to specific transition details, to interviews with league officials and other key decision makers, this new section on the USTA SC website will be the place to find the most up to date information on USTA League play in the upcoming months.
You will be able to access this new section right from the main page of, and it will be updated on an ongoing basis. All stories featured in this section will be accessible, thus making it very easy to refer back to earlier articles. Announcements on updates will be posted on the USTA SC Facebook and Twitter pages. Both of these are accessible from our website at We encourage you to use either Facebook or Twitter to send in any questions and comments you have on restructuring.
Please bookmark this new section, and visit often. Pass the address along to your friends and teammates so they too can have accurate and up to date information on restructuring. 
Welcome to this new section. We hope that it will keep you up to date on everything you need to know to make a seamless transition in 2013!
Paul Pittman, President
USTA South Carolina