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New Club Having League Success

It’s always a challenge to make it to the League State Championships, but when you’re playing out of a club that’s been around for just a year, making it to the championships is even more of an accomplishment.  
Tennisclub of the LowCountry at Rose Hill has only been open for a little over 12 months, but they’re sending three teams to the 40 and Over League State Championships.  USTA SC interviewed Mike O'Regan, part owner of TLC at Rose Hill on his team’s accomplishments.  
As a fairly new club, what challenges have you faced in getting players onto league teams?   
The main challenge was with the league age restructuring.  Once we had players in the correct levels, we all worked together to build the teams.  We got our members on board, and things just started rolling. 
In what ways has the fact that you’re a new facility helped boost excitement from players who are participating in tennis programs? 
I think that the fact that we are a brand new facility has really helped.  Great courts, a new clubhouse, and just a nice friendly atmosphere makes folks want to be and play out of TLC.   People seem to really like the club.   
What percentage of your teams take lessons as a team?  
All of our teams take a weekly pro-run clinic at TLC (except for the 4.5+ men's team).  Teams also have an additional practice each week where they have an opportunity to play. 
How do you feel this boosts their chances in the championships? 
We feel that teams that take clinics and practice together are more likely to be on the same page.  We also feel like it builds a fun atmosphere, and that's what it's all about! 
What advice do you give to players when they’re facing a tough match or a high pressure situation? 
Part of our jobs as pros is to work on match situations in clinics so our teams are comfortable in league play.  We encourage our teams to play their game as much as they can.  We also tell them not to worry, if your opponents hit a winner that’s out of your control.   
Do you plan on being at any of your teams’ matches? 
We will be at as many of the matches as we can (Gavin Cox and I will be playing in the 4.5+ this weekend, so we'll be on the court as well, but we'll be at most of our team's matches).  
How do you promote leagues at your facility? 
We promote the leagues to our members via email, Facebook, our monthly newsletter, and postings up at the club.  If a member wants to play in a league, we'll get them on a team.  
What benefits does a strong league presence offer your facility?  
It's great for our members to have fun and compete, but its also great exposure for TLC.  We're proud of our facility, and we want as many people to experience it as possible.  League play is a great way to do that. 
What else do you think we should know about Tennisclub of the Lowcountry at Rosehill?  
TLC is dedicated to providing world class instruction, as well as creating an affordable fun and family oriented club.  Along with our 6 clay courts, we have 5 specialized junior courts that has created a very active junior program.  Please check out our website for more info at