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Player Blog from Mixed Champs

 Our day started off early with a first round match at 8:00am on Saturday.  Normally I am NOT a morning person, but my partner and I came out blazing this morning.  I think we could have won a 9.0 match the way we were playing.  The rest of the team did very well too, we only dropped one set.  Checking the scores tonight I saw we were in the lead of our group!  We were glad to only have one round so we could go join the tennis crowd at the local sports pub and cheer on the Gamecocks.  I'll have more matches and more updates tomorrow.
Wow!! What an exciting weekend so far! We won our first match taking all 3 courts Saturday morning versus AATL even at the "untennis time" of 8:00. Mark and I won 1-1. Back on the court AGAIN AT 8:00 Sunday to lose 2-1 to a tough UPTA team. Susan and Brent cruised, but Mark and I and Ron and Jane E never quite woke up. On to a really good CTL team at 12:30. Jane K and Dorn lost, Ron and Jane E won, so, it came down to Susan and Mike who won the first set, lost the second and were down 9-6 in the match tie breaker. They clawed their way back to tie it up, didn't capitalize on one match point, but thought they had redeemed themselves at 12-11with a beautiful volley on the baseline. However, it was called out and the other team went on to win the match. Silver lining was that our group got the wild card and as the 2nd place team we are still in the semi-finals Monday. Bad news is that it's AGAIN at 8:00, but at Timrod where we won Saturday morning. Maybe they are our lucky courts! We shall see....... Go LCTA!