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PTR $17,500 Wheelchair Championships



This event is an ITF event and part of the International Wheelchair Tennis Tour. Players of all levels will be competing including top world-ranked players as well as first-time players who are new to the sport. 
The event includes: Drill Clinic for players, Run/Roll event, Player Banquet, Beach Party and an Instructing Wheelchair Tennis Course for anyone who wants to learn to teach wheelchair tennis. 
The event is welcoming volunteers to assist with wheelchair player transportation, ball boys/girls, lunch servers, and all other volunteers.  Interested persons may contact Julie Jilly ( or 843-785-7244 for more information.     
·      Wednesday night is the Player’s Drill Clinic at 4:00 PM and the Run/Roll event at 6:15 PM.  We’ll need partners so if you are a player, we’ll find you a partner for this round robin event.
  • Thursday – Competition runs all day.  Ballpersons needed.  Lunch servers needed.  Featured night match under the lights!
  • Friday – Competition runs all day.  Ballpersons needed.  Lunch servers needed.  Player Banquet.
  • Saturday – Competition all day.  Ballpersons needed.   Lunch servers needed.  Dinner/Beach Party.
  • Sunday – Finals and the Instructing Wheelchair Tennis Course to learn to teach wheelchair tennis.
Volunteer Roles & Donations
Beginning on Wednesday morning, we need volunteers throughout the event. 
  • Ballpersons are crucial for the matches.  These players work very hard on the court and the extra assistance with ball pickup is GREATLY appreciated.  Plus it is essential to keep the tournament running on time.
  • Lunch Servers are needed each day from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM with setting out & serving the lunch’s onsite.
  • Drivers are needed each day, any shift from 7:30 AM – 7:00 PM to drive our vans to transport the players from hotel to venue.
  • General assistance roles include filling water jugs for players, posting scores, taking photos, etc.
  • Secure any donations from anyone you may know – food, towels, wristbands, sunscreen, hats, etc.