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No-Cut Best Practices

Learn from the best!  Here are some No-Cut Coach tips from top coaches in South Carolina.

Team Unity

  • Have all players from all levels get in uniform and interact in warm-ups, games, etc. together.
  • Host intra-squad competition events with players in uniform, introductions, warm-up, and music.  Invite parents to come watch and support the team. 
  • Build teamwork by volunteering as a group for community service events.
  • Have a team huddle before your match to get everyone energized.  Players who are not on court stay and support their teammates.

Managing Practices

  • Recruit volunteers to assist you, such as parents, local area tennis pros, and former players who are in college.
  • Change it up with station rotations.  Have a “triage court” to pull and fix individual problems.  Beginners may chart matches and work on rules & scoring.
  • Let advanced players assist the coach by demonstrating skills & drills and feeding balls to teammates.
  • Try splitting practices between your different level groups, with a half-hour overlap for footwork drills, conditioning, and team-building games.
  • Practice in groups of four based on players’ abilities.  Begin and finish practice as a large group.
  • Make one day of practice each week an open hit session.  Players who need more instruction can practice with the coach, and others can play a practice match against teammates.
  • End practice with a team game, pairing newer players with more experienced players.

Match Play

  • Work with opposing teams’ coaches and match talent for exhibition play after regular matches.
  • Allow all players to play at least three Varsity or JV matches per season.
  • Use a challenge ladder system to motivate players with the opportunity to move up based on work and effort.

Skill Development

  • Have your better players adopt and/or coach beginner players.
  • Encourage players to join a Jr. Team Tennis ( league in the off-season for more practice.
  • Offer extra “catch-up” classes or skills clinics on weekends.