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Application Deadline

Review Date

January 31 February 12
February 29 March 11
March 31 April 8
April 30 May 13
May 31 June 10

USTA Announces Deco Systems Sponsorship of Adopt-A-Court Program
The United States Tennis Association recently announced a three-year sponsorship agreement with Deco Systems, one of the nation's top tennis court surfacing companies, in support of the USTA’s Adopt-A-Court program. The USTA Adopt-A-Court program provides grants specifically for the repair or upgrade of existing public tennis facilities

Adopt-a-Court - Facility Criteria

· Public tennis facilities may request grants up to $2,500 from the USTA National office (USTA National grants shall be matched by the respective USTA Section office)
· The existing facility shall be available to the public and shall be primarily maintained by public funds.
· The facility requests shall include repair and/or upgrading of existing tennis courts, court equipment and amenities, and shall include new construction limited to additions or relocation of existing courts.
· The facility will be a member in good standing of the USTA and will agree to hold USTA functions and/or tournaments as part of its on-going program.
· The facility agrees, if requested, to disclose or provide information regarding all usage fees prior to grant assistance.
· Funding will be granted only after completion of the Adopt-a-Court Application and determination by the USTA Adopt-A-Court Committee that the facility complies with the stated criteria. Incomplete or revised applications will not be accepted.

Acceptance of the grant is a commitment to the USTA by the facility to promote the game of tennis. The facility will comply with the following:

· Offer a program for a minimum of two years to develop new tennis players by providing clinics, either at no cost or at a nominal fee to the public.
· Comply with all applicable A.D.A. requirements.
· Provide a safe, properly constructed and functional facility including other amenities (i.e. shade areas, water fountains, backboards, ball machines, lighting, etc.) to make the game of tennis more enjoyable and to encourage the growth of tennis.
· Provide photos of facility and documentation of publicity after renovations, as well as information regarding new tennis programs, increased number of players, etc.

Here are the contacts for DecoTurf in the Southern Section:
AL, GA, SC, NC – Tom Magner 978-664-3244
AR, KY, LA, MS, TN – Kevin Hamilton 618-435-3016

You can also contact:
William Shaffer – (800) 225-1141 ext. 247
Kevin Tee – (800) 225-1141 ext. 231

Adopt-a-Court: Application Process
Acquire at least 2 bids from contractors/manufacturers.

complete USTA Adopt-A-Court application - incomplete or revised forms could results in the application being returned.

If you are resurfacing your tennis courts, please contact a DecoTurf representative either through your section or by calling the DecoTurf Product Manager directly at 800-332-6178 x235 for a proforma.
Forward completed applications to:

USTA/South Carolina
Graham Cox
170 Laurelhurst Ave.
Columbia, SC 29210

USTA Adopt-a-Court committee reviews applications based on USTA Section recommendations.  Reviews take place quarterly.  All involved parties are notified of grant status immediately following review.  Grant checks are distributed through the appropriate USTA Section office with six weeks of decision.