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for USTA League Tennis

Adult and Senior Divisions

League Year 2006 – Finalized 12/13/05


0.01 USTA South Carolina has appointed the SC State League Coordinator to organize and coordinate all USTA League Tennis activities in the South Carolina State League and to interpret the South Carolina State USTA League Tennis Regulations.

0.02 All players, teams and Local Leagues must abide by USTA League Tennis, USTA Southern Tennis and USTA South Carolina Rules and Regulations.

0.03 Local Leagues may write regulations to govern local play. USTA League Regulations, USTA Southern Tennis Regulations and USTA South Carolina Regulations take precedence over Local League Rules and Regulations.

0.04 Local League Rules and Regulations must be approved by the State League Coordinator prior to the start of the Local League Season.

0.05 Local League Rules and Regulations must be distributed to Team Captains along with USTA League Regulations, Southern Tennis Regulations and USTA South Carolina Rules and Regulations before League Season begins.

0.06 Paragraph numbering for the following sections is done in accordance with the paragraph numbering format of USTA League Tennis Regulations and USTA Southern Regulations. Topics addressed in specific paragraphs of these USTA South Carolina Regulations relate to the same topics in the same paragraphs of the aforesaid regulations. National and Southern regulations have separate sections for Adult and Senior programs. However, Section 3.00 of these South Carolina Regulations relates to both programs.

0.07 New regulations or changes in regulations are underlined

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