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During the next two years, the USA League Tennis program will undergo a major change with the implementation of Dynamic NTRP ratings.  Dynamic NTRP will allow for ease of entry and ease of administration while maintaining the integrity of USA League Tennis, but without the requirements of current National NTRP Verification Procedures (visual verification).

Dynamic FAQs

The use of a dynamic rating system is predicated on having the ability to get the match results into the national database quickly and easily with the help of team captains to report scores.  The USTA’s automated data management system, TennisLink, integrates the national database and the NTRP program to provide a seamless flow of information. 

TennisLink provides:

  • Significantly improved team registration, membership and eligibility management
  • Increased efficiency in match scorecard entry
  • Automated standings and a Championship module

Dynamic NTRP ratings will be used to:

  • Produce better year-end NTRP rating based on all previous match results and the use of national benchmark NTRP ratings
  • Determine “clearly above level” players
  • Produce Dynamic ratings at any point in time to establish ratings for players that begin prior to January 1st of the championship year

Information for NEW USA League Tennis players
If you’re a New player to USA League Tennis, you will benefit from ease of entry and the elimination of on-court verification and its associated costs and time.  New players enter the program by rating themselves using the NTRP General and Specific Characteristics of Various Playing Levels, located in “National Tennis Rating Program” on the USA League Tennis web page and in various USTA publications.  The NTRP characteristics have not changed.  Many of you should be able to self-rate accurately…do you play with league players who currently have computer ratings.  Knowing their ratings, where would you place yourself?

TennisLink will provide a self-rating declaration box for new players at the time of registration. 

New players will begin to generate a dynamic NTRP rating after their first match against a player who has an NTRP computer rating.

Information for RETURNING USA League Tennis players
If you’re a returning USA League Tennis player you will begin your league season with your current NTRP computer rating.  If you received your computer rating before the 2001 league year, you may self-rate to enter the program.  Computer ratings will stay in the system for 5 years starting with the 2001 computer rating.

Dynamic NTRP ratings will be run by the computer to determine if any players are “clearly above level” using the current Disqualification Procedure Guidelines.  Players will be disqualified if they achieve the currently established “clearly above level” status three times based on all matches reported in the national database for Adult and Senior Divisions.  This includes all match play in Adult and Senior divisions in all sections.   Remember, you must reach this disqualification level three times during the championship league year in order to be disqualified.